Medical Marijuana Doctors New Jersey Explain Delta-8

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3 min readApr 6, 2021


It is not every day that there is a sudden new hemp-derived compound on the market that claims to get you high and impart all the effects of cannabis while being absolutely legal in the United States. So, it was only natural that we got some medical marijuana doctors in New Jersey to explain what exactly this compound is and what the effects are.

Delta 8

What is Delta8?

Delta-8 is a variation of the THC compound that is a naturally occurring compound in most cannabis strains. Usually, Delta8 is only found in trace amounts in hemp but with new technology, it can be extracted from Delta9 and in states where cannabis is illegal, from the hemp plant.

Nearly all the Delta8 that is extracted is a product of hemp-derived CBD, which means that it is perfectly legal, at least according to federal laws. It is a lot less potent than regular THC. But in states where cannabis remains illegal, this is a good way for people to get their cannabis medication/

So, What Is The Difference Between Delta-8 and CBD?

Delta-8 is actually more similar to THC than it is to CBD. The first difference that exists is in the chemical structure. Delta-8 binds to the endocannabinoid system the way that THC does. CBD on the other hand does not do this as readily, which is the reason that it is non-intoxicating in its effects. CBD has a lot of medicinal benefits but for symptoms that require THC for management, Delta-8 is a good replacement.

If your goal is to find effects that are similar to THC but are unable to access it or even if you are just looking for something with reduced potency, delta-8 is great.

How Is Delta-8 Made?

Delta-8 is found in trace amounts in both the cannabis as well as the hemp plant. Thanks to the Farm bill 2018, hemp is absolutely legal to grow in any state across the country. This makes it readily available for extraction and from where this cannabinoid is usually extracted,

Usually, CBD is first extracted from hemp and then is further refined into an isolate. It is only after this that the isolate is further synthesized into delta-8. It is comparatively expensive but considering the high demand in the market for it, the whole thing sort of balances itself out.

How To Get a Good Delta-8 Product?

Since delta-8 is very new to the market, it might be a little difficult to get your hands on a delta-8 product that is genuine. The problem is that you don’t even know if the product actually contains delta-8. Whenever you go to buy delta-8 ensure that you check a producer’s website beforehand and check out where they source and create their products from.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay away from any product that has not been tested or has questionable test results.

Delta8 can be the next big thing or fizzle out like a number of trends that have come and gone. Only time will tell.



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